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I will never fall in love so fast again just to watch them sit there and take my heart and crumble it with their bare hands as soon as i give it to them. , Law&Order SVU, Criminal Minds, Dog the Bounty Hunter, Miami Vice, Heartland, Reba, Friends, Shipping Wars, Hardcore Pawn, and etc. Numbers in the 100's & all sorta weirdness) Just so u know ........ I have probably about 50 or so, give or take and about a dozen peircings but clean up to look like a saint, so ive been told.

I have blue eyes Pretty blonde hair Sexy body I have a daughter I love to play soccer I love cheerleading I'm a proud mom to a beautiful little girl I'm the most amazing woman that you can meet I have a great fiance that I'm engaged with right now soon to be married he makes me really happy I'm laid back, ambitious, humble, open minded, and family oriented. Love is a mystery that's just the plain simple truth. I've done been broken by life now its time for life to make me. The six things I could never do without GOD My Grandparents Food/Shelter A Job Car Cell Phone I spend a lot of time thinking about What am I gonna do with my life? :) And if you would like to chat and talk then feel free to message me : ) (***FYI*** - I tried to put in measurements for bust, waist, & hips and it only gave me.

I dated women in college and was in a 2 year-long monogamous relationship with one.

I would rather have a private conversation via email.

There are two reasons I like to tell this story; the first reason is that it’s really funny, and the second is that it’s a pretty sturdy example of why I generally dislike social media.

It’s hard for me to feel guilty about never speaking to these guys again after they fed me, partly because most of them had premeditated expectations I never intended to fulfill but mostly because most of them were boring, offensive, or a sultry combination of the two.* Additionally, though, I never outright asked them for anything; they’d offer a date, they’d offer a restaurant location, and they’d offer a weird chuckle and a hasty snatch when we both reached for the bill.

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Because Tinder was relatively new, because Nashville is a tourist destination, and because seemingly everyone in the city was looking for a partner to spend their summer with, we each managed to have a first-date-brunch and a first-date-dinner every day that we weren’t already fed by our work for about three weeks straight. I don't care for females that wear makeup or are more femine than I am. Cause you'll be able to tell then if it will work out or not. I am Understanding, Laid-Back, and Shy What I’m doing with my life I currently work for NISSAN in Smyrna, TN. The first things people usually notice about me My eyes so I'm told. Books: The Twilight Series, Romance books, any of the older books like Nancy Drew and some of the others from my grandmothers collection of books. In Antioch and moved to Murfreesboro 4 yrs ago when we escaped their dad. On track, shes gotta be clean, maybe about my age or a little older.

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